The 9pm Nine Years of Nemesis and Chocolate Cake with Snarky Platypus

Promo image for ABC TV’s Nemesis showing Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison, and Malcolm Turnbull. (Photo: Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Inset: A platypus, but not that one. (Taronga Conservation Society Australia / Chris Wheeler)

It’s a marathon episode for serious political tragics! I’m joined by Snarky Platypus to discuss the ABC TV documentary series Nemesis about the three recent Liberal Party prime ministers of Australia. But we also find time to discuss other matters.

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Announcing “The 9pm Edict Public House Forum 5”

In less than three days the citizens you can hear around me — if you listen — here in Eastwood, Sydney, will be voting in the Bennelong by-election, a critical test of Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership as Prime Minister of Australia.

The day after, Sunday 17 December, we’re recording Public House Forum 5 at the West Ryde Hotel. Guests include BuzzFeed news editor Josh Taylor, and political commentator Paula Matthewson aka @Drag0nista.

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The 9pm End of the World, Probably

Donald Trump before he was President of the United States (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

This is the first episode of this podcast for nearly three months, and what I foretold has come to pass.

“‘President Trump’, get used to saying it,” I first warned you on 5 November 2015, a full year before the US elections.

Told you so.

It’s not really a matter of careful what you wish for, because I wasn’t wishing for this. I just foresaw this new era in human history. I can indeed see through time, and you people really do need to start recognising this simple fact.

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