Blogjune, yes, but why? [blogjune01]

Buddha Brian on a log: click to embiggenI’ve never been much of a joiner. I don’t play nice with other children. Well, more them with me, the vicious little bastards. But I’ve joined Constance Wiebrands’s Blogjune project this year anyway. I suspect it was a stupid decision.

“What the fuck did you sign up to that for,” screams my alleged professional side.

“You’ve got leads for paying work you could follow up. But no, you’re pissing away time on things like 5at5. You did an episode of Corrupted Nerds this week, which doesn’t have any income yet, when you’d already been paid to do another episode of The 9pm Edict in May and you only just managed to sneak that in before midnight last night. What’s wrong with you?”

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Practice what you Preach!

“Always follow procedure,” I tell every new contractor or employee. “You can’t remember everything, no matter how intelligent you are. Always cross-check.” Measure twice, cut once. All very, very good advice.

But this morning I knew that the 1GB memory stick I had in stock would be compatible with the client’s computer. I know my memory specs, all is under control. I am a professional. And besides, we’re in a hurry.

Um, what’s that burning smell…?

The result of today’s professionalism? One fried memory stick. One fried motherboard. A client’s computer which must now be replaced at my expense. A thousand dollars out of pocket and a day’s work lost.