Episode 42 online, with a predictable Cnut

Screenshot from Stilgherrian Live episode 42

Episode 42 of Stilgherrian Live is now online for your viewing pleasure — including a rather odd opening sequence made even more odd by the lack of sound. Oops.

This was “The Off-Axis Pseudo-Sapphic Edition”, named to mark the news that Russian duo t.A.T.u will be breaking up after they complete their next album.

The winner of “Cnut of the Week”?

Well, after the nominations we received, it was predictable. SlideShare received just 4% of the vote, presumably by the SlideShare users affected by their April Fools’ Day stunt. I received 27% for my own stunt — even though I maintain that Whirlpool started it. And even Senator Stephen Conroy only scored 29% for his performance this week.

This week’s “Cnut”, with 41% of the vote, was Lyle Shelton, the Chief of Staff for the Australian Christian Lobby, for his comments on SBS TV’s Insight and the subsequent liveblog.

Some people have said that I wasn’t paying particular attention to the live chat stream this week.

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