It’s Episode 42 tonight, so nominate your Cnuts!

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Despite a chaotic afternoon and evening ahead, there will still be an episode of Stilgherrian Live tonight at 9.30pm Sydney time. So, it’s time to nominate your “Cnut of the Week”.

Remember the rules. We’re looking for people, organisations or other entities who are futile trying to hold back the tide of change. It has to be something in the news in the last week, and you have to explain yourself. Nominees have to be not merely doing bad things, but failing to notice or adapt to the change around them.

As always, nominations close at 8.30pm Sydney time sharp, and you must nominate on the website to count.

Who do you nominate, and why? Don’t forget the why!

18 Replies to “It’s Episode 42 tonight, so nominate your Cnuts!”

  1. I nominate Stilgherrian, for posting that bitterly wonderful news report on Stephen Conroy’s sacking. I nominate him for failing to notice the tide of cultural change, viz that April Fool’s Day jokes are horribly passé and he’s a wicked wicked man for getting my hopes up like that.

    I predict a landslide.

  2. (I suppose I could nominate Whirlpool instead, but it was Stilgherrian who posted it. Like I could blame the Ebola virus for liquifying my organs but it was Stil who went to the Congo and got infected and then went around Australia breathing on people and cackling.)

  3. I nominate the Bullying nobs at the Department of Dysfunctional and Mayhem for losing all competent staff on the webteam. I left on April Fools Day as appropriate. Their loss, your taxpaying dollars hard at work keeping CNUTS like this employed in the public service and preventing those of us who want to make a difference from being able to change from within government.

    1. I second that nomination, and raise you a “Can we include SlideShare too for their April Fool’s Day fuckup, turning back the tide of progress by turning loyal social community fans into distrustful embarrassed whiners?” 🙂

      Cheers, Andrew

      1. I third the Slideshare nomination for the stupid “You are a Slideshare rockstar emails”.

  4. Lyle Shelton

    The guy who changed his mind at least 5 time for his reasoning behind supporting the filter. Plus his differing view of what should be blocked. Porn causes domestic violence according to him. By his standards we are all filth!

    As I sit here typing this from the toilets at work I wish he was below me so I could shit all over him

  5. I second Eric TF’s nomination of you Stilgherrian. You got our hopes over the Conroy resigning.

  6. Senator Conroy, not for his performance on insight, but for his prejudicial and inappropriate remarks about the iinet trial.

  7. Conroy. But for the fact that he referenced “Yes Minister” in an argument completely unrelated to politics.

    Perhaps he has it on his mind for some reason which escapes me at this point.

  8. computerworld for their april fools joke about telstra wholesale and domestic being broken up so they could get the broadband contract – they dated it march 31 thus causing a really truly spike in the share price of telstra – not really standing in the way of change but funny and stupid – hahahah how we laughed

  9. Cadbury Australia for taking a perfectly good viral campaign and screwing it up beyond all belief making out that australians had never seen the youtube original version or new how to keep time with the drums

  10. I nominate CBA for the poor Netbank website redesign which now means that I can’t access it from either of my Nokia mobiles (N95 or E51).

  11. I think Conroy has been nominated more than enough times. I think Kevin Rudd is most likely the force behind the cleanfeed, and thus I nominate him.

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