Images of celebration and degeneration

To everyone who came to my birthday party yesterday, or who sent messages, thank you very much.

Apart from a series of disjointed memories and unexplained bruises, there is also photographic evidence that it was a fun time. There’s this portrait of me by Kate Carruthers, for instance [embiggen]. This crowd scene by Nick Hodge, with Ben Grubb lurking on the left. And a whole series of photos by misswired including one of The Hive Bar’s proprietor Nick hard at work on the Endless Stream of Mojitos™.

If there are any other photos, please let me know.

Special thanks to Nick Hodge for reminding us of this special moment in Australian television, and for providing the little glittery things that imprinted a purple mark on my forehead.

Extra special thanks to Streamer and Balloon Blondie who, by simply existing, ensured that I wouldn’t be the biggest embarrassment of the day.

Do not adjust your set. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

50th birthday drinks next Saturday

If you’ve been following my 50 to 50 series, you’ll know it’s my 50th birthday very soon. Would you like to help me celebrate it with drinks next Saturday 8 May?

My birthday is actually on 9 May, but for Australians that’s also Mother’s Day this year. That’s inconvenient.

So, drinks (and good food) are on Saturday 9 May 2010 upstairs at one of my favourite haunts, The Hive Bar, 93 Erskineville Road, Erskineville from 2pm. There’s a map over the jump.

I’d like to give Adam some idea of how many people are coming so, if you can, please either RSVP by email or at the truly evil privacy-destroying Facebook event page by Wednesday afternoon. You don’t have to RSVP, you can just turn up. But if we get enough confirmed people we get our own bartender.

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Butt Cracks of the Inner West #1

Introducing my new series of occasional photographs, Butt Cracks of the Inner West. In this first instalment, an encounter in Erskineville on a Saturday night. Attractive, is it not?

How, exactly, do you wear a leather belt and still get this amount of nether-cleavage?