Butt Cracks of the Inner West #1

Introducing my new series of occasional photographs, Butt Cracks of the Inner West. In this first instalment, an encounter in Erskineville on a Saturday night. Attractive, is it not?

How, exactly, do you wear a leather belt and still get this amount of nether-cleavage?

7 Replies to “Butt Cracks of the Inner West #1”

  1. Hey some people just don’t maintain their stuff at home just to get a chance to see his/her favourite handyman butt crack.

    This will be an interesting series nonetheless.

  2. The only think “handy” about this buttcrack was that it was at the very next table! I was enjoying a rather nice riesling until this point of the evening.

  3. @Kristin: This is going to sound a bit party-pooper, but I’ve stopped joining any new Facebook groups because I don’t trust those bastards not to make further unilateral changes to their privacy policies. Indeed, I’m hardly using Facebook at all these days.

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