50th birthday drinks next Saturday

If you’ve been following my 50 to 50 series, you’ll know it’s my 50th birthday very soon. Would you like to help me celebrate it with drinks next Saturday 8 May?

My birthday is actually on 9 May, but for Australians that’s also Mother’s Day this year. That’s inconvenient.

So, drinks (and good food) are on Saturday 9 May 2010 upstairs at one of my favourite haunts, The Hive Bar, 93 Erskineville Road, Erskineville from 2pm. There’s a map over the jump.

I’d like to give Adam some idea of how many people are coming so, if you can, please either RSVP by email or at the truly evil privacy-destroying Facebook event page by Wednesday afternoon. You don’t have to RSVP, you can just turn up. But if we get enough confirmed people we get our own bartender.

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4 Replies to “50th birthday drinks next Saturday”

  1. Now that would be something I’d love to come to as I had my 50th also back in mid March also. Shame that being in Brisbane I shall not be able to attend but have a great day.

  2. Already the confirmed guest list numbers about 20, so this should be quite a pleasant gathering.

    @Ian Kath: I understand the distance thing. Alas, many good friends from Adelaide won’t be there either. Maybe I should do a repeat performance there…

  3. The confirmed guest list is now more than 30 in number, plus whoever they might bring along, plus 18 maybes. This is going to be an interesting event. I’ve told The Hive Bar to expect 30+ people.

    I’ve also said that I’m being lazy and cheap-arsed and not ordering organised food but letting you order your own meals and snacks à la carte as you get hungry. That keeps it casual, but it also means the kitchen has a harder time. I’ve told The Hive Bar that you’re a group of charmingly tolerant and understanding people who will be gracious should your meals be delayed.

    That’s seriously the last time I’m going to lie for you people.

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