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September 17th, 2008

Time to concentrate on the tasks in front of me. Please cope without me while I’m gone.

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@LacqueredStudio True, the Liberals actually have changed. Somehow. Maybe. Nice talking point anyway.

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Nominations open for “Cnut of the Week” for tonight’s “Stilgherrian Live”. Who’s futilely holding back the tide of change?

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@kdelarue Telstra iRadio was fun to do. It was a podcast before the word “podcast” existed. And delivered on CD. Yes, it’d be online now.

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Thu plan: Fix URGENT email; more server config; 1415 chiropractor; 1500 evil secret meeting @mpesce; back to desk; 2130 Stilgherrian Live.

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Did I request this headache? Did I request this churning stomach? did I request this email with the single-word subject “URGENT”?

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Emerges. Just emerges. Other verbs will be added later.

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Life is about choices. 0149 Sydney time. Say no more.

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About to arrive at @stub Pub Trivia, going off grid.

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@dizzystuff OK, I’m on my way to @stub Pub Trivia at the Marlborough now. ETA 15 minutes. Keep your pants on. No, really.

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@tara_g RT @StuartLivesey: It seems Google is still promoting old news stories - here’s another example

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@stub Pub Trivia reminder: Tonight at Marlborough Hotel, King St, Newtown. 6.30pm table-snaffle (i.e. in an hour) for 8pm game-on.

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@aDB Yes, the conference-on-weekend thing is a tad limiting. I am SUPPOSED to be buying a camera too, but no time! Anyway, we’re solving it.

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RT @BBCWorld: Somchai Wongsawat, brother-in-law of ousted PM Thaksin Shinawatra, voted in as new Thai PM.

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(People may want to retweet that last tweet. Videoing the conference would be a good way to pay attention.)

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Want this weekend’s Oz-IA conference free? Got video camera with (ideally) Firewire & mic-in? The two go together with you.@ericscheidheid.

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