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November 19th, 2012

The gentlemen in this hostelry are not impressed with the respected cricketer’s pimping of Fujitsu, nor the choice of animated DVD on offer.

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“Patch Monday” podcast: “InfoSec in flux, facing fads with FUD” with Sourcefire’s @mroesch…

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Me at @TechRepublic: “Ryde your way to disaster-recovery success” (Nice pun, @dobes.)…

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@dobes In hindsight, I should probably have started that completely cold.

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@quadrapop I don’t think you’d know even remotely what I was referring to. You’re jumping to conclusions based on zero data. Please stop.

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“Patch Monday” podcast filed. And now to the accumulation of detritus that Monday morning always brings. Yes, I count you amongst that.

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Mon plan, draft: Produce “Patch Monday” podcast, ignoring all else; plan rest of the week; return to Wentworth Falls after two weeks away.

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