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November 30th, 2012

@mpesce @ApostrophePong If they stop selling triangular cushions they only need 4500 stalls.

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Chatuchak on Pitt St? Wonder what the mark-up will be. Ping @ApostrophePong

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Suddenly considering the relative flexibility of different parliamentarians.

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@Drag0nista @btckr Sorry, are we talking about parliament again?

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I am about to wander out into a humid Sydney afternoon in search of a late lunch.

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RT @Drag0nista: How about one of these instead [Elegant, but I’ve found that cats ignore what YOU want them to use.]

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RT @Drag0nista: We asked ourselves: why does a cat scratcher have to look like a cat scratcher? [$395? Hahahaha sure!]

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Excellent. I’m covering next Friday’s “Privacy in the 21st Century” conference at UTS. Looks fascinating.…

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Fri plan, updated: Re-work client email templates (now, urgent); consider “Patch Monday” podcast options; 1730 TGIF-related activities.

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RT @walkleys: @BernardKeane: citizen journalism is a myth of pajama-clad bloggers [Smirks]

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“‘I Am A Brand,’ Pathetic Man Says”… HT Brand @leslienassar

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QPSmedia Police Media is still having email issues. Journos, please call through your requests today. Or send them via carrier pigeon. Either/or.

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@traagsmahal Except, of course, that a postie is an employee of a common carrier and is protected against such things.

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“Tor operator charged for child porn transmitted over his servers”…

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“Online Service Offers Bank Robbers for Hire,” and why not?…

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@rycrozier @R_Chirgwin @joshgnosis Thank you. It was a rather lovely time watching those ducks. There’s plenty of critters by the river.

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Fri plan, draft: Writing (for who?); lunch (where?); organise “Patch Monday” podcast; 1730 TGIF; evening TBA.

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RT @R_Chirgwin: @stilgherrian ping @NewtonMark [If you think I’d copy-paste a response to this sign you’re dreaming.]

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RT @jeamland: @stilgherrian… [This is also a good sign, and one that may match my mood later today. Thank you.]

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RT @NewtonMark: @stilgherrian [This is a good sign, and one that matches my mood today. Thank you.]

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