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September 21st, 2013

I have made good use of this (relatively) quiet train journey to Hatch some Plans. These Plans will be Communicated on Monday.

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(Soon to be) Crossing the Nepean

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“Housewives! Please finish travelling by 4 o’clock.”……

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@SnarkyPlatypus La nature exacte de l’étrangeté doit encore se révéler, mais la nuit est jeune.

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@SnarkyPlatypus Bonjour. Le soleil se couche et l’étrangeté va bientôt commencer. Et vous ?

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Wait. How did that tweet even do that?

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@yinettesys @chrisjrn I don’t think “kinky” @stilgherrian means what you think it means.

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All language is euphemism, @chrisjrn, for “I will kill you and everyone in your village.”

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I have misjudged the sake.

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RT @DomSequitur Just saw a couple in matching mustard jeans. Ping @Rob_Stott [Therefore why shotguns with double barrels.]

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@Taco_Lad @jeamland Well, I already accept American Express, so we can work something here.

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RT @umairh: Fucking trust fund kids. [Well I suppose that’s one way to spend your weekend…]

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“Modern Australian Contract Law, 2013 Edition”, or something—CFrG/

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RT @jeamland: I have found what @stilgherrian is missing. [You can’t fit much in that little cup.]

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@oberonsghost Your life is shackled by its adherence to tradition.

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Sat plan: Much laziness (done); 1630 check out; 1700 dinner part A; 1818 train to Wentworth Falls; 2015 dinner part B; wine; reading; sleep.

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Well I suppose that’s one way to begin the day’s tweets.

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RT @dobes: This nexus 7 is so crisp [he said, using only good words to describe his mother, Reaction time is a factor in this.]

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