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September 12th, 2021

@tortfeaser @FXMC1957 Wow that’s terrible all round, and he was only 56yo or so at the time. Mind you he was…Fm

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@MichelePlayfair Heh. You’re not the only one to have spotted the similarity. The fact that the waratah generally…UB

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@tortfeaser @FXMC1957 Well that’s disappointing. When was this?

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That said, I’m really looking forward to the APNIC 52 conference, so that’ll keep me busy.

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I did say I’d do a bonus episode of “The 9pm Edict” podcast this week but I got a bit lazy. It’ll happen some…ND

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NEW BLOG POST: “Weekly Wrap 589: A waratah-led week of delightful spring weather”… Covers…kH

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FXMC1957 12 September 1944. Romantic soul legend Barry White was born in Galveston, Texas, USA. He was one of the best…L8

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@steve_stoic Well I do that several times during the night as it is. Does this mean I’m immune to stingrays?

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@sleepingdingo Oddly enough I don’t have any boots. Anyway, there’s always been a chance of snakes and all manner of critters.

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@maddy_jones15 True, and we have plenty of those around so I’m hoping the snake is now well fed and has wandered off.

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Sun plan, mid-afternoon edition: KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE SNAKE; minor chores; consider the week ahead, which will…9D

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Someone please get me a box of these.…

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@jsleeio That would be lovely, but then knowing my luck I’d be eaten by parrots.

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This probably also explains what happened to the rat.

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That’s the smithy over there, an open-sided workshop just 10 metres from my front door. So the red-bellied black…hw

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It’s yet another sunny and windy day in the Blue Mountains.

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Message received a short time ago: “just startled a red bellied black near the smithy. too big to fit under your…0t

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Sunday. Your memory is faulty and cannot be repaired. Sunday.

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WhoresofYore From Invocation à l’amour (c. 1825)

(Wellcome Collection)

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