Twitter updates for 2008-03-14

  • Friday plan 2.0: lunch soon; arvo meeting moved, research/writing instead; should that happen in The Afternoon Office(tm)? #
  • Migrating to The Afternoon Office (Kelly’s On King, Newtown). Free Wi-Fi and good food and Irish beer, how can I resist? #
  • The women at the next table are discussing the rigours and dangers of childbirth in just a little too much graphic detail post-lunch. #
  • @zhasper Just for you, I now have a "contact" page on my website: #
  • @emoodicon Hello new Twitterstalker(tm). Where did you find me and why have I joined your posse? 😉 #
  • @Fifikins Is the 70yo in the Playboy t-shirt a man or a woman? I mean, it might not be as wrong as you imagine. #
  • @Fifikins I bet everyone’s expecting me to say something really inappropriate now. #
  • @mspecht You didn’t grow up in Adelaide by any chance? I knew a Michael Specht there… #
  • How "Telecom Australia" (nee Telstra) in 1992 envisioned the broadband revolution of far-future 1996. #
  • @mspecht I declared it pub o’clock at 1400, though I did start at 0530. I also therefore declare it pub o’clock in Sydney. Kelly’s On King. #
  • Speaking of which, the latest TVC for VB: A hard-earned thirst… gawd I should demand sponsorship! #
  • @emoodicon "Following random people" is as good a reason as any. 🙂 Like your braziers too! (That’s NOT "brassieres", for poor spellers.) #
  • Collapsing for the night. #

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