Weekly Wrap 533: A shag in the sunshine to end the week

My week of Monday 10 to Sunday 16 August 2020 was less productive than the previous, but as you know there seems to be a regular tide in such matters. But my health is good, and that’s what counts these days. Oh, and it’s not a shag.

It turns out that the bird in the featured image is not an Australian pied cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) or pied shag, which is what I’d assumed, but an Australasian darter or Australian darter (Anhinga novaehollandiae), and definitely a female one.

Articles, Podcasts

None. Rather than spend my Saturday in Sydney indoors making a podcast, I spent some time relaxing, both outdoors and indoors. However…

Media Appearances

Corporate Largesse

None. I’m tempted to drop this section until there’s actually some largesse to reports, but another part of me says that the null report is also significant for transparency.


The Week Ahead

It’s week 22 of the Quarantimes at Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be heading down to Sydney this week.

Monday will be a writing day, and then on Tuesday I’ll record another episode of The 9pm Edict podcast. I’ll also announce my spring podcast plans for September. No, really.

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On Wednesday I’ll drop in to the United States Study Centre (USSC) panel The trajectory of American politics, power and prestige: A conversation with Tom Friedman, and then the publication launch for Spy vs Spy: The New Age of Espionage.

On Wednesday lunchtime I’ll be the guest on EFA Talks for Electronic Frontiers Australia, with yet another conversation about the Cyber Security Strategy. That’ll be on Zoom and free to watch.

And the rest of the week will be what it will be.

Further Ahead

One of the conferences has been confirmed!

[Photo: A female Australasian darter (Anhinga novaehollandiae) on Sydney Harbour, photographed on 16 August 2020.]