Weekly Wrap 719: The Realm of the Big Green Insect and other legends

There wasn’t much remarkable about my week of Monday 4 to Sunday 10 March 2024. I edited a podcast. I recorded another one. I spent an afternoon doing social things. And I was introduced to a big green insect.

I’ve noticed that most of my photographs here lately have been of the local fauna. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that — although I think it does mean I need to get out more.

There isn’t really a story about the big green insect, except that for some reason I named her Geraldine. Yes, it’s a female, because she has very small wing cases and can’t fly. Which seems a waste.

Thank you!

In front of a stock photo of bright orange and red autumn leaves sits Stilgherrian, a lumpy man in a grey sweater and spectacles. There is a giant microphone for some reason, as if you don’t know how they make podcasts. The text reads "The 9pm Autumn Series 2024" with a banner over the top reading "Thanks everyone!". But why isn’t he smiling? What a prick.

This season’s crowdfunder, The 9pm Autumn Series 2024, has been a great success, surging past Target Two in the final hours, and then some.

Cheers, thanks!

For all the details of what happens next, here’s the official update.

The brief version is that there will be six special-guest episodes of The 9pm Edict podcast between now and the end of May — subscribe in your podcast app of choice if you haven’t already done so. There’s also that Public House Forum episode that you’re still owed.

Three people will also get The Special Treatment™ but you’ll have to click through for those details.


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  • The Weekly Cybers #8. Toughest anti-encryption laws still not being used (maybe), the politician-spy was working for China, and much more. 

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I am continuing to wallow in the schadenfreude of Elon Musk’s world becoming increasingly about his bitchfights with all and sundry and less about any actual success. I am here for it.

In other news:

The Week Ahead

It’s another of those weeks when I’ve got plenty to but little of it is locked into specific dates.

I’ll post the podcast with Johanna Weaver on Tuesday, which probably means I’m editing on Monday. In any event Monday is a public holiday in various parts of Australia but not here in NSW.) And I have client production meeting on Wednesday. But the rest is flexible.

Further Ahead

[Photo: A female false garden mantis (Pseudomantis albofimbriata) photographed at Bunjaree Cottages on 5 March 2024. I don’t know why she has “false” in her name because she is a praying mantis.]