Roll on Easter!

Exhausted. Long day. Dying server repaired. Annoying client’s website almost finished. Still wide awake. I’m afraid that blue LEDs are dangerous. Billy Law (who I wrote about the other day) did a cool photo of ’Pong. He’s good. A friend’s blog posting about Acid-Base Karaoke disappoints: not a great night out, just some thing for teaching chemistry to kids. At least my video of The KLF arrived from England. I have got to start work on my song idea. And I haven’t even written anything about David Hicks’ sentence or the NSW Election. At least Hugh MacLeod is more bitter than I am.

One Reply to “Roll on Easter!”

  1. hey, what do you expect from a blog that is mosty about home ed stuff?!
    thanks for dropping past.

    we’re thinking of putting two blue LEDs in the Delica’s ‘nostril’ on the bonnet – a la a blue eyed ewok… 🙂

    like Pong’s hair and the eyes say a lot…

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