Weekend website tweaks

I’ve made a few changes to this website over this long weekend. If you’re interested in the details, geekishly or otherwise, read on.

Asides: Matthew Mullenweg is right: The format of a weblog dictates its writing. Since moving to the new design, I’ve been inspired to write more thoughtful, elegant articles to match the thoughtful, elegant look. But what about all those little observations which don’t deserve the full headline? Enter the Notes category — little pieces interspersed with the longer items, distinguished by a red-brown sidebar. I expect to be writing a lot more of these.

Comment Previews:
When writing a comment, you’ll see a live preview of what it’ll look like — thanks to the LiveCommentPreview plugin for WordPress. Richard will be pleased.

Tag Coud: The “index” pages now have a list of the common article tags (“folksonomy keywords”), created with CJ’s UTW Cloud widget. However the links don’t work. It’s a weird interaction between WordPress and its plug-ins and I’m not in the mood to figure it out.