Artemis Medical Fund Accounting

This is the accounting for the Artemis Medical Fund, the informal flow of money to cover Artemis’ veterinary bills in her final week of life in January 2011.

The costs were $109.10 for Pet Vets‘ initial work on 4 January when we thought Artemis simply had food poisoning, $558.85 for the emergency hospitalisation at Sydney After-hours Veterinary Emergency Service (SAVES) at the University of Sydney when she collapsed on 5 January, and $1453.15 more at Pet Vets subsequently as she seemed to recover, and then didn’t. There was also a cab fare of $11.00 when she was transferred to SAVES.

Total costs were $2132.10.

Donations came in two streams, through my business Prussia.Net‘s account at PayPal, and directly to my bank accounts.

Through PayPal, total donations were $2,905.00 less PayPal’s fees of $85.52 for a net income of $2,819.48. Of this total $1,156.04 was from people who indicated that any surplus should be retained by me rather than donated to the Cat Protection Society of NSW (CPS) [see note 1].

Through my bank accounts with Westpac, both Prussia.Net’s and my personal account, total donations were $895.00, of which $375.00 was from people who indicated that any surplus should be retained by me.

Total donations were $3,714.48, of which $1,531.04 might potentially be retained by me. Therefore $2183.44 must be allocated to either Artemis’ veterinary costs or the CPS.

All veterinary and related costs have clearly been covered, with a non-retainable remainder of $51.34.

I have made a donation of $100 to the Cat Protection Society of NSW through their online donation page at Everyday Hero.


1. Donations were counted are being retainable by me only if the donor explicitly indicated such through an email, Twitter direct message or clear note on their PayPal donation. The one exception was a donation that was made subsequent to Artemis’ passing and where the donor had presumably read that all costs had been covered.


The lists of donations published here have been redacted to remove names, addresses and email addresses. Transactions are shown with the donor’s initials and, in the case of PayPal, the transactions number. Original files may be inspected, but I would ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement to help protect people’s privacy.