Nice art, shame about the winner

Photograph from Pyrmont Art Prize

On Saturday ’Pong and I popped past the inaugural Pyrmont Art Festival. With the theme “Small is Beautiful”, some 200 paintings and other images were entered, all about a foot square.

Sadly we didn’t get a good look, and we didn’t taste any of the wine or beer. We arrived at 3.45pm and the organizers were already packing things away. Note for next time: on a sunny autumn afternoon, people might not be prompt. 10am to 4pm community events? How quaint! Not everyone’s a soccer mum.

However from what was still hanging, there seemed to be a good range of interesting pieces — plus the usual dross you get in community art competitions. Unfortunately I think one of the dross pieces won — that bland streetscape with the blue ribbon in the photo above. Yes, the dun-coloured walls do say Pyrmont, but it’s hardly unique and it’s hardly Jeffrey Smart.

If we’d had time, I’d have checked out the runners-up and the People Choice awards and named names. But I figure someone official will have done that.