Iron Anniversary, but not Improved Real Estate

Yesterday, 6 May 2007, ’Pong and I celebrated our 6th anniversary — though this is a family publication so I can’t explain how we celebrated, exactly. Just congratulate us, people, and leave the details be!

Six years makes it our Iron Anniversary — but no, Snarky Platypus, I did not buy ’Pong an iron!

As an aside, check out this list of wedding anniversaries. [Update 7 March 2015: This link seems to have been broken for years, so you’ll have to take my word for it.]

Sure, the traditional ones are there, like paper for the first anniversary, cotton for 2 years, through iron for 6 to the familiar silver for 25 and gold for 50 and so on. But whoever wrote the “modern” gift suggestions is clearly on weirder drugs than I am…

“Desk sets” for the 7th anniversary? “Musical instruments” for 24th? “Conveyances (e.g. automobiles)” for 32nd? “Original poetry tribute” for 46th? And the one which takes the biscuit for me: can you actually imagine someone celebrating 42 years of wedded bliss with their “Improved Real Estate Anniversary”?