Twitter versus versus blog posts

I’m starting to think that my “here’s what I’ve found” items should move from Twitter to or maybe even Tumblr [no account there yet, will explore soon] and just be summarised here daily. Then Twitter can be just the day-to-day status stuff — which needn’t be archived here at all, but maybe elsewhere.

Are you OK with that one, Mat F?

There seems to be a surge in “RSS aggregator” products like FriendFeed to create a unified “life stream”. But the more I think about it, the more I think “one stream that contains everything” is wrong. It might be fine for archiving — for your needs. But what about those following you? Dumping everything into a single sewer of undifferentiated crap seems to throw the burden of understanding you onto you audience. And all successful media creation is about what the audience wants — no matter what the scale.

It’s better, I think, to separate out the threads into different streams. People can subscribe to the combination they want. And they can choose to view them in the aggregator of their choice.

Business contacts get your business posts. Family and friends get the status reports about your lunch. A select few choose to view the reports of your illicit camel sex. where they want them, when they want them.

Well, that’s what I think today, anyway. What do you think?

2 Replies to “Twitter versus versus blog posts”

  1. Tumblr! Tumblr! Seriously, if you ‘got’ that atrocious thing that is Twitter soon after starting to use it, you’ll be frothing at the mouth after a day of using Tumblr.

    (Also, personally, I think the Twitter/Delicious daily aggregates in the body of your blog is a bad look. You have so much good hand selected and/or well written content: it just gets washed down into your Archives too quickly with the less-quality Twitterness on your main page. Also, on that point, your Archives still 404 for me — within the WordPress template, though.)

    Tumblr! Tumblr!

  2. @Alex Willemyns: So ket me get this right, you’re suggesting Tumblr? 😉

    Glad you agree with the digests interrupting the visual flow and changing the emphasis of the site. I have dropped the Twitter digests for now, but will leave the ones until I find an alternative method. Maybe a separate “links blog” just for that.

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