Oh no, not Steve Irwin again!

Yesterday’s disposable post about disposable pop singer Anthony Callea has already generated comments from two newcomers. Please, don’t let this be a repeat of the flood of comments about Steve Irwin! Please, Gentle Readers, comment upon some of the more substantial pieces, like this one or this one or this one or this one. Explore. Comment. Please.

5 Replies to “Oh no, not Steve Irwin again!”

  1. Well at least Anthony Fans care about something, even if it is just to correct a ridiculous news item and a frivilous blog entry 😉

  2. Mr Stilgherrian, you don’t really expect the Googling rabble of fanboys/fangirls to give a crap about issues of substance (note: not a question).

  3. Well I guess caring about something, anything, is a first step, yes. I just have this astoundingly romantic notion that people might put some effort into caring about something important, just every now and then. Occasionally.

  4. Actually, if the point is what I expect… expect, say you! Then the answer is simple.

    I expect them to bow down before me and worship me as their god.

  5. Maybe you’ve been taking “The God Delusion” a little bit too literally…

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