More Steve Irwin jokes

A clown in life, Steve Irwin has inspired more jokes since his death — not just that first one I posted last week

[Update 23 January 2008: Since Steve Irwin jokes are very popular on this website, you might also want to start posting Heath Ledger death jokes. Just as mindlessly tacky.]

  • Steve wouldn’t have died if he were wearing sunscreen, it would have protected him from harmful rays.
  • Q: Why is Trudie Styler like Steve Irwin? A: Both have been penetrated by Sting.
  • Steve Irwin asked for a certain song to be played at his funeral: Don’t Stand So Close to Me by Sting. (Alternatively, Dead Heart by Midnight Oil, and selections from Queen‘s Sheer Heart Attack.)
  • Q: What do Steve Irwin and Indiana Jones have in common? A: They both have a hol(e)y chest.

And if I hear any more, I’ll post them here as comments.

Oddly enough, another “Australian icon” died last week: legendary racing car driver Peter Brock wrapped himself around a tree. And yet he hasn’t spawned a series of jokes. Why is that, I wonder?

Scroll down for more Steve Irwin Jokes in the comments.

[Update 19 April 2009: I’m closing comments on this post. The few comments which have been posted in recent months are mostly from people who can’t seem to see beyond an overly-simplistic “He’s a hero” or “You’re lame”. Very few of them can even spell properly. And none are adding anything positive to the discussion. Time to move on.]

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  1. I’ve heard a joke that combines the two..

    unfortunately I’ve only heard the punchline and haven’t gotten around to expanding from it, so this is rather Jeopardy style – but I’m sure you’ll have no trouble picking a suitable Q:

    A: No no God, I said I wanted a *crock*

  2. Steve Irwin meets Peter Brock in heaven and asks:

    ‘Crikey, how did you get a halo so quickly? I’m still waiting for mine.’

    Brock replies:

    ‘It’s a steering wheel, you idiot!’

  3. I can see it’s another busy day ‘t mill, Richard…

    Interesting, the server logs reveal that “steve irwin joke” is now the most popular search that delivers people to this blog, overtaking “cats that look like hitler” and last month’s favourite, “drug danger league table”.

  4. y do people have sick mines all i got to say is R.I.P steve irwin and i feel so sorry 4 steves family and friends

    1. this is to jessie polkinghorne….. if your mother died tomorrow coz she was hit by a car…. and you read a joke on the neet saying something like at the bbq why did jessie polkinghorne’s mother cross the road….. coz she wanted to tast some grill…… or somthing stupid like half the jokes on here im sure u’d love it and dont say u would coz ya fuckin wouldnt

  5. Jessie, it’s a shame you think making jokes is a sign of a “sick” mind. Personally, I think humour is a sign of a healthy mind. For many people, humour is an important part of coping with emotionally difficult situations.


  7. Everyone who is making jokes about steve Irwin, respects him deeply. It was tragic when he died. But to call us sick? Well thats a little dramatic dont you think? People who cant see the humor in jokes like these, are idiots. Yes they are offensive, but dont completly over-react.

  8. when steve irwin got to heaven god said to him “you can bring something with you to heaven, choose anything from earth.”
    irwin thought a while and came back and whispered in gods ear. In the blink of an eye his gift stood before him. “CRICKEY god you should have your ears checked i said CROC not BROCK”

  9. I can see that my jokes have offended people. I’m genuinely sorry, but please consider:

    So many obituaries of Mr Brock and Mr Irwin have identified the ‘larrikin’ spirit as being part of their charm. As far as I know, irreverent humour is part of that spirit.

    Isn’t this one of the ‘Aussie values’ the PM is trying to pin down?

    I’ve had close mates die – much closer to me than Irwin and Brock will ever be – but I’m sure they would be the first to laugh at the circumstances of their own deaths. The rest of us served their memory by raising a glass, telling embarassing anecdotes, making jokes, and avoiding false Saint Di-style hysteria. If we needed to cry, we did it later on, at home.

    Repressed? Maybe. Callous? No, I don’t think so.

    I can say, with complete conviction, that it’s what they would have wanted.

    ‘Death, where is thy sting…’ when those left behind have an unquenchable thirst for laughter and life?

    Sermon over, now y’all can ask Stilgherrian for my full name and hunt me down.

    It’s funny, but I don’t think any of you are regular readers of this blog, and I think you’re unlikely to be back. So did you come here in order to be righteously offended?

  10. Bloody hell, if I’ve managed to ‘capture your thoughts’ then I’ll need a Dr Who-style ‘energy field’ to contain ’em all.

  11. Steve irwins not the first bloke to be fucked over by something with flaps thats smells fishy. haha

  12. What was the last thing that went through Peter Brocks mind when he crashed?

    His Arse. LOL

  13. Stingray denies any responsibility, saying, it was infact the highly secretive crew of Thunderbirds that killed Irwin

  14. when steve got to heaven god asked him if there was anything he could get him he said yes and told god the next day brock arrived and god said here ur gift steve then he said noi wanted a crock not brock

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