Common Ground run by a dangerous cult?

I always used to enjoy the wholesome food from the Common Ground Café at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show, the Newtown Festival and other events. There’s now a bad taste in my mouth now that I’ve discovered they’re owned by an isolationist cult with abusive child-discipline practices.

A former member says workers aren’t paid and there’s no workers compensation or insurance.

[Update 25 April 2012: I’m closing comments on this post now, for the reasons given in the final comment. If you want to tell me anything more about Twelve Tribes or Common Ground Cafe, please email me.]

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  1. I was once part of the TT and I can tell you there is a lot of abuse physical, emotional, mental and spiritual going on on a daily basis. On the frontline everything seems cool but the reality is very different. Children grow up being for the majority beaten on a daily basis many times a day for things like not smiling to a guest, not responding (while being obedient) fast enough, talking back to their parent, accidently breaking something. The list is so long. Children know who is boss, the leaders and to survive in this harsh environment you have to absolutely suppress yourself and submit. Those who don’t manage to fit in the mold of this fundamentlist, puritanistic, ultra orthodox, deviant branch of christianity find themselves kicked out around age 15. Ill equiped as they are, not having learned to understand the world and lacking proper education, rejected by their own people and family they are sent out with one of their parent and are not allowed to see anyone in there including their own siblings, parent,” friends”. I could go on and on. Just want to say to all you guys that are taken back by their halo. Don’t let them fool you. They are prisoners behind bars of fear, guilt and false doctrine and unknowlingling hurt each other and their children, their families. And their sole purpose in life is to recruit and bring you into their life of dread and hurt. Sounds bad? Believe me I am not exagerating. I was once part of them. I spent half my life in there and regret it everyday.

  2. @ Stilgherrian
    get your facts straight, get a life, and worry about the garbage in your own life.
    grow up you big baby!!

  3. @lec: I almost deleted your comment because it doesn’t advance the discussion, it’s just personal abuse. But I’ve let it stand so people can see it, and then see me tell you that it’s unacceptable, and then tell you that this is your first and final warning.

    I’ve set things so that any future comments from you will be moderated rather than posted immediately. Any further personal abuse and you’ll be banned. My house, my rules.

    I’m closing comments on this post now. The discussion seems to be going around in circles. People either find Twelve Tribes’ worldview unacceptable or they do not. I do find it strange that some of Twelve Tribes’ defenders resort to lies and abuse, which seems at odds with that Jesus bloke’s teachings, but then I’m not a theologian.

    If you want to tell me anything more about Twelve Tribes or Common Ground Cafe, please email me.

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