May Reza Berati be the last, Mr Abbott

[Update 24 February 2014, 0820 AEDT: Before commenting, political tribalists might want to read my further comment. Then again, if you don’t, you’ll reveal yourselves for the fools that you are. So on second thoughts, comment away!]

Photograph of Reza Berati on screen, with a candle in the foregroundA man — no, a youth — fled danger and sought safety with us. But we put him in a concentration camp, and our hired goons stood back while he was bashed to death. According to our Prime Minister, a man who professes to follow the teachings of that Jesus bloke, that’s OK. After all, we don’t want to be “wimps”.

Well, Mr Abbott, I’m a wimp. A weak nerd. Yet I’ve stepped in to stop people being bashed, despite the risk.

I’ve been the one who, alone and late at night on an otherwise deserted street, walked up to the young couple, the shouting man with his hand gripped on the terrified woman’s throat, and said, “Is everything OK, miss?”

I’ve been the one who’s stood, hands empty and with open palms, and looked straight into the eyes of the crazed guy with the knife and talked him down.

I did those things on those occasions, and other things on other occasions, not because I’m brave — because I’m not, I was shit-scared. Not because I’m tough — because I’m not. Not because I needed to prove anything to myself, because — yeah right, like I could prove to anyone that I were brave or tough. I don’t race a bicycle, or swim in the surf, or strip to my Speedos in public. I’m middle-aged, overweight, short-sighted and I’ve got flat feet.

But I did those things then, and I mention them now, because that’s what people do.

At least if they have any character. Any spine.

The problem here, Mr Abbott, is that you don’t seem to ever admit that you’ve ever done anything wrong, let alone take responsibility for it. Fine. You’re a Christian, or so you say. You know when you’ll be called to account, right?

What’s particularly loathesome, however, is your hypocrisy. Last July you said you’d take responsibility for deaths at sea as a result of the Coalition’s policy of turning back the boats. “Obviously I will take responsibility for what happens on my watch,” you said.

But only when they’re at sea? Once they’re on land that’s fine, eh Abbott? Then we can all bash the living shit out of them and let them die in a pool of their own blood and that’s acceptable? Is that what you’re saying?

Even if this were remotely acceptable behaviour in a civilised society — which of course it’s not — you’ve got it arse-about, Abbott. If you kill ’em at sea, then the bodies sink and the blood washes away. Think it through!

Speaking of arse, do you remember when you told Tony Windsor that you’d do anything except sell your arse to become PM? It seems that includes letting 23-year-old lads get bashed to death. And you worry about “wimps”. What a pathetic, cowardly, desperate grub you are. Craving power, but unable to take any responsibility once you’ve got it.

You’ve even said that you can’t be trusted at your word unless it’s in writing.

The game of politics is riddled with hypocrites, of course, but you and your current batch of visionless seat-warmers in Canberra really does take the biscuit. Every single muppet that warms a green seat on your side of the House lets a turd like you be their “leader”? How noble of them!

Well in my part of the world, Dear Coalition, the only things that follow a turd are a good long piss and the paper I’ve wiped my arse with.

Reza Berati died on your watch, Anthony John Abbott. “Responsibility”, you said? Why don’t you finally become a man and take some? And may Reza Berati be the last.

Before commenting, political tribalists might want to read my further comment below.

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  1. Wonderful blast! Right on the button Stilgherrian,I feel your anger & pain too the hide & hypocrisy of Abbott & co esp regarding the desperate souls in detention,it’s infuriating & sad at the same time ,may Rezi rest in peace & yes May he be the last!

  2. Thank you all for your comments so far. It does seem that I’ve struck a chord here. Good.

    I will add one important point…

    Last night, some of the wind-up political tribalists responded with the predictability — and mindlessness — of cuckoo clocks, with comments like “What about the thousands who lost their lives under Labor?” Yes, they can only think of what’s happened in terms of their narrow 18th Century tribal allegiances, and they actually think that “Yeah, well we didn’t kill as many as you did!” is a defence. What filth.

    To make it clear, this is not about party-political tribalism. It is about humanity. I know full well that the doctrine of mandatory “detention” — no, this is not like keeping someone in after school — the mandatory shipping off to a concentration camp of people who, far more often than not, are refugees was invented by Labor.

    Since then, however, both sides of of politics have continued to escalate this pathetic invasion myth. Both sides have tried to outdo each other in sheer bastardry. Neither side can claim the moral high ground here. I spit upon them all.

    But right now the Coalition is in government, and Anthony John Abbott is Prime Minister — albeit one so weak of character and vision that he only seems to work when Peta Credlin has shoved a fistful of fresh D-cells up him. So that’s who needs to take responsibility for what’s happening.

    I’m beyond caring about those who peddle the “Well they started it!” muppetry. Take your kindergarten whining elsewhere. The world has moved on since your hormone-addled student politics days. I care nothing for your little tribes.

    What I care about is who’ll have the decency and strength of character to call a halt to this obscenity. Right now, Abbott is the one in a position to do it. The question is whether he’s up for it, or whether he’ll continue to be a pathetic shell of a human being.

    1. Absolutely spot on! I agree with your tribal allegiances comment. This is NOT about whether you vote Labour or liberal. This is about human decency and moral maturity.

  3. Well said, Stilgherrian. I quite agree, both the Libs and Labor share the blame on this one. As does everyone who isn’t willing to oppose these shameful policies and practices.

  4. Well said indeed.

    Abbott’s physical ‘toughness’ is an attempt to look as though he has ‘strength’ or substance. In fact it reveals the absence of both.

  5. Well said.
    I’d like to say more but as a public servant there’s genuine fear about speaking or writing anything that remotely anti-government – specifically anti-current government.
    This fear extends to possible effects family members who are also in the public service, I’ve worked for the public service for almost 30 years an it’s never been like this before. The brown-nosing that’s now occurring probably in fear of retaliation is now almost a condition of employment. Frank and Fearless have left the country

  6. “visionless seat-warmers” – Love it.

    Sadlly, I don’t believe Abbott & co are as benign as just being clowns. They are the most dangerous people to have had power in this country in living memory.

    Abbott’s government, who shouted ‘wrecking ball’ in regards to the carbon tax has, in the short space of 5 months, damaged everything they’ve turned their evil eyes to.

    It seemed, on election day, that Australia just had to have it’s own G.W. Bush presidency, but I’m concerned that this goes much further, and will be much harder to correct.

    The things being done in our name, from Manus island to redistribution of wealth upwards, have been fought and overcome by generations before us.

    We can’t have an Abbott government for a full term. Australia will be forever changed for the worse if we do.

  7. Great post.

    Sadly “decency and strength of character” seem to be in very short supply on every side of politics. Like them or loathe them, Fraser, Hawke & Keating seemed to me to be leaders, not winners of a school popularity contest.

  8. As an ex Mt Compass area person too I must say I am proud of you and your compassionate stance about this truly awful issue. You do our old stamping ground proud.

    My reading of Abbott is that he is a bully, a thug and a lout and as bullies are invariably cowards, all his posturing with boxing, running, swimming and cycling is merely an attempt to gild the lily to camouflage his personal deficiencies. Both major parties have acted despicably in this decades long affair and the sooner both of them admit to that and profess publicly and in great detail their mea culpas and then work productively together to fix this mess the better for our beautiful country.

  9. Thanks Mr Abbott, I will proudly wear the “wimp” label.

    If it makes me a wimp to care about those less fortunate than myself, then so be it.

    Locking children up in a detention centre does not make you strong and it is nothing to be proud of, yet the current mindset of our leaders is the opposite.

    This is becoming the next stolen generation.

  10. Let’s not forget that refugees are dying globally by getting on shonky boats. It is not just Australia. Having said that we do appear to have the least sympathetic government (both sides in relation to refugees). I despair.

  11. May Reza Be the last.
    Thank you for this.
    Waleed Ally shook me from my torpor last Friday and you have articulated the hypocritical mess that what passes for politics in Australia is in. I, for one, have had enough of the lying, the cruelty, the racism, the dog-whistling, the bully-boys, the lack of questioning, the self-serving and the laziness.
    My silence was despair, but I was wrong – silence is consent and I do not consent to this being done in my name.
    Thanks again Stilgherrian, now you’ve got me pissed off. I suspect my local member is about to get a shitload

  12. Tony Abbott gave cause for dismay
    With disgusting cold hearted display
    After it was described
    How soldiers had died
    “Shit happens” was all he could say

    Please allow me to offer advice
    To reject this cold piece of ice
    So unless you’re a fool
    And believe Abbott’s drool
    Don’t make the same mistake twice.

    Abbott’s really no man of conviction
    Careless handling of truth an affliction
    Blends lies with the facts
    Credibility lacks
    With his truth being stranger than fiction.

    Mr Abbott’s right into the fray
    Spouting his bullshit each day
    But remember it was he
    Who said on TV
    “You can’t believe all that I say.”

    Tony Abbott who must have his say
    Spouting bullshit in his stilted way
    With his lies and his pose
    Like Pinnochio’s nose
    His ears grow larger each day.

    As PM Abbotts a farce
    And totally out of his class
    Those ears as handles
    Would delight the bum vandals
    Maybe should have been selling his arse

    When Abbott starts in to jeer
    With a leer from ear to ear
    His mouth dribbles shit
    And reminds you a bit
    Of an arsole with bad diarrhoea

    The Liberal Party’s a League
    Of liars, deceit, and intrigue
    Matching Tony’s obsession
    With bullshit and aggression
    And of acting like mad Captain Queeg

    There’s Abbott , Bishop and Pell
    A trio destined for Hell
    And they’ll probably dine
    With Hockey and Pyne
    That’s if Satan can stand the foul smell.

    Tony Abbott incessantly emotes
    With his bleating of “Tow back the boats”
    Like a bloody cracked record
    Echoed by the discord
    Of his team of Liberal goats.

    Holier than thou Tony Abbott
    The liar who mimics a rabbit
    Sings new Hypocrites song
    “Punish those that do wrong”
    While ignoring his own evil habit.

    To gain power was Abbott’s great itch
    And as PM mollycoddle the rich
    But he’ll wake up one morn
    And realise he’s the pawn
    And will always be Murdoch’s bitch.

    With “Look- Ah!” and “So Crystal Clear”
    And grimace from ear to ear
    Abbott thinks he has class
    Rhodes Scholar? – My arse!
    Kick him out or start living in fear.

    Murdoch’s Media use all their means
    To gloss over Abbott’s pipe dreams
    In an effort to paint
    The rogue as a saint
    And support all his evil schemes.

    Each time I see Abbott I curse
    And start in to writing crude verse
    For can’t help being rude
    About that rotten dude
    And his zoo who daily get worse.

  13. I don’t entirely agree with your story. While it is unacceptable that people die or are injured inside the Abbot government’s “solution”, or even the detention of these people, be they boat people or otherwise, the first line of your story makes a play to evoke sympathy from the readers. “A man – no a youth,” He was 23 years old.
    When the young claim adulthood at the age of 18 years, with all the benefits associated, then they also claim the responsibilities of that title. When you say ” no, a youth” you risk sliding into that abyss of slime and double speak practiced by the political vandals we so despise. Yes, Reza was a young man, but not a youth.

  14. @Jon Pearce: Actually, Reza Berati was a youth. While there’s no hard and fast rule, in Australian policy circles it’s usually defined as ages 15 to 25. Same for the “youth market” and suchlike.

    As for the line being intended to evoke sympathy, well, yes, that’s how one makes arguments more powerful — by using language that triggers emotions as well as logic. This piece is a political polemic. Why would I write with one hand tied behind my back?

    I don’t see what being an adult and having “responsibilities” has to do with being beaten to death with a hunk of wood.

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