Roll on Easter!

Exhausted. Long day. Dying server repaired. Annoying client’s website almost finished. Still wide awake. I’m afraid that blue LEDs are dangerous. Billy Law (who I wrote about the other day) did a cool photo of ’Pong. He’s good. A friend’s blog posting about Acid-Base Karaoke disappoints: not a great night out, just some thing for teaching chemistry to kids. At least my video of The KLF arrived from England. I have got to start work on my song idea. And I haven’t even written anything about David Hicks’ sentence or the NSW Election. At least Hugh MacLeod is more bitter than I am.

New look!

Yes, things look different. I’m still using WordPress as the main content management system, but I’ve switched to the extremely flexible (and beautiful!) theme Tarski.

The header photo is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, shot on my Nokia N80 phone last weekend. I’ll fiddle with the colours and other elements later.