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Oh dear, Zhasper tagged me with one of those “tell us your 5 favourite feeds” memes. At least it wasn’t “5 things you may not know about me,” or I’d be forced to emulate Hugh MacLeod’s sarcastic reply. OK, here we go…

Actually, I’m going to give you two sets of five. My really favourite feeds are from people unlikely to play this game, but I’m sure to read them every day.

  1. Gaping Void, Hugh McLeod’s insightful cartoons drawn on the back of business cards. I also appreciate his observations on blog-led business marketing. I should also mention Indexed in this context, even though it’s not quite a must-read yet.
  2. Freakonomics, the blog of the book of the same name.
  3. I agree with Zhasper that The Bartlett Diaries is a fine political blog.
  4. Josh Spear spends his days cruising around to see what’s cool. Lucky him.
  5. Crikey. OK, I cheated. It’s an email newsletter, not an RSS feed. Sue me.

On a more personal note:

  1. If I don’t start with Out to Space and Pong’s Flickr feed, I’ll be in serious trouble.
  2. My friend and colleague Zern Liew’s Eicolab, even if he does have a rant against Apple today.
  3. Man About Town, a personal blog by my friend Richard Watts in Melbourne — always an eclectic mix of personal anecdotes and arts reviews. I’d never reveal so much of my, erm, vices!
  4. The Other Andrew‘s delightfully-written personal observations would continue to fascinate me, even if I hadn’t know him for years.
  5. Bad Language by Matthew Stibbe is my daily fix of writing about writing.

Now, your responses please! And if you’re reading this but haven’t been tagged, I’d love to hear from you anyway. Post a comment! You know you want to!

6 Replies to “Tagged! 5 favourite feeds”

  1. I’ve stolen a couple of those – The Other Andrew and Bad Language…

    I think that brings the total number of feeds in my gReader to about 215 🙁

  2. Zhasper, glad you found something of interest there!

    Of course, if your newsreader is anything like mine, most of those feeds don’t actually get read properly… “When I get time for it…” 😉

  3. kristyk.org [Stilgherrian writes: Warning! On 13 February 2013, Google reported this site as hosting drive-by malware infections.]
    neil gaiman
    london underground tube diary
    get medieval on lj
    abc.net.au lab news in science

    and even though he doesn’t post often; deadly bloody serious

    and of course there’s a whole other list just for flickr

    and then the yahoo groups…

    oh, and yours is getting hit quite regularly now I’ve found it 😉

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