Talking anti-piracy laws on SBS World News

I am so many different kinds of expert these days. On Friday I was on SBS TV’s World News talking about the UK’s High Court decision to order the country’s largest internet service provider BT to block access to a website that provides links to pirated movies.

The video of the news story is embedded in the website article.

SBS has also posted the complete 7-minute video of the interview they recorded.

Yes, I’m wearing a hoodie on national television. At least it was a clean hoodie. I’d taken a cab to SBS straight from the airport. It’s actually a small miracle I had any clean clothes with me at all. Besides, the cameraman chose the hoodie over my black shirt because he wanted to “break things up a bit”. The TV news has too many men in suits and business shirts for his liking, it seems.

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  1. Hold it just a minute. alt.binaries.movies is a Usenet group accessible to anyone old enough to use a “news reader” such as forte’s Agent.

    (BTW: I am old enough and I do partake of raw Usenet feeds – as I have since 19 umpty something….)

    It’s indeed possible to google alt.binaries.movies and see similar results in the Google search results.

    It’s not clear to me what has been achieved.


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