Talking Steve Jobs’ resignation on 3AW

As soon as I heard the news on Thursday of Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple Inc, I knew it would re-shape my day.

Sure enough, it did. While I was already scheduled to write two stories for CSO Online, Crikey soon commissioned a Jobs piece. And in the afternoon I did two radio spots. This is one of them.

Tom Elliott was filling in for 3AW’s drive presenter Derryn Hinch, and did a perfectly competent job.

The audio is ©2011 Radio 3AW Melbourne Pty Ltd, of course, but it hasn’t been posted online by 3AW and this does act as a nice plug for them.

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  1. i agree with your comments that the market has been pricing this in for a while. hopefully he has embedded enough culture into the team at apple that it can continue. “product momentum” can last for quite a few years as long as new management don’t break what’s working.

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