Covering the 2nd National Cyber Warfare Conference

As soon as I arrive back from my trip to Kuala Lumpur on 13 September, I’m off to Canberra for the 2nd National Cyber Warfare Conference on 14 and 15 September. No I won’t be. See the comments.

I’m covering it for CSO Online, and for the moment I’m assuming that’ll be in the form of written material. I’d also like to cover it for the Patch Monday podcast, but I don’t think that’ll be possible due to the contractual arrangements.

The event itself runs for a day and a half. An afternoon of presentations followed by a day of roundtable discussions. I’m looking forward to it.

If there’s anything else happening in Canberra either side of this event, please let me know so I can plan to attend,

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  1. @Joel Harding: Thanks for that. I’m specifically covering this conference for CSO Online, but I’ll link to the stories in the next Weekly Wrap post at the very least.

    I doubt that I’ll write anything separate for here. Covering a conference is exhausting. But you never know, I may feel the urge to write something more personal.

    I’ll make sure to link to the relevant material from this comment thread too.

  2. @Joel Harding: Alas, the conference sessions weren’t open to the media, and I decided that it wasn’t worth the trip to Canberra if we’d have to rely on second-hand information.

    That said, we did manage to get a recording of the over-dinner speech by David Irvine, the director-general of Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, which Liam Tung turned into the story “Insidious” cyber chaos too fast for ASIO. It also served as part of the inspiration for my story Yet another free pass for Aussie spooks.

    However SC Magazine did sent Darren Pauli and John Hilvert, and their stories were:

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