The 9pm Sweet but Disappointing Reality with Fiona Patten MLC

Fiona Patten
Fiona Patten MLC photographed in Victoria’s Parliament House, Melbourne, on 24 February 2020. (Photo: Stilgherrian)

In this fourth episode of the Spring Series 2020, I’m joined once more by Fiona Patten MLC, leader of the Reason Party in the Victorian Parliament.

We talk about many things including the politicisation of the Quarantimes in Victoria, how to handle a tsunami of email, honey, her certificate of appreciation from the supposed Satanic Network Victoria, religious discrimination, sex work, and of course Donald Trump.

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Fiona Patten was previously on Public House Forum 4 in 2016 and her own Probe episode in February 2020.

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This episode it’s thanks to Chris Rauchle and Kimberley Heitman.

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