Weekly Wrap 538: So much work, so little output

My week of Monday 14 to Sunday 20 September 2020 was both productive and not productive. I spent many hours working, but only a podcast emerged. That’s why the feature image is from last week. Still, it’s an excellent podcast, even if I do say so myself.


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Articles, Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse

None. What a remarkably quiet week. I have, however, moved all my freelance writing since 2007 over to my Authory archive, and stripped back the media output page to focus on older items.

[Update 9 October 2020: Actually, the video has just been posted of my appearance in the AusCERT Conference Speed Debate from 18 September. I was only mildly inappropriate.]


It’s all about politics in Thailand this week. It’s something I find fascinating, and right now there are dramas.

The Week Ahead

It’s week 27 of the Quarantimes at Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls, at least once I return there on Monday evening. I must concentrate on writing this week, because I am way behind on my revenue targets for the month.

On Tuesday I’m recording a podcast with Fiona Patten MLC of the Reason Party, formerly the Sex Party. She was also on Public House Forum 4 in 2016 and a Probe episode earlier this year. If you have TRIGGER WORDS or CONVERSATION TOPICS you’ll need to get them to me by midday AEST on Monday so my people can get them to her people. That podcast will be edited and posted on Wednesday.

Tuesday night is also the September Equinox.

On Thursday there’s a clash of online discussions. The Space Age: Closer Than We Think? from Cicada Innovations, and In conversation with Michael Outram APM, Commissioner of the Australian Border Force from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Which will I watch live?

Update 21 September 2020: Also on Thursday, a Lowy Institute panel discussion, Coming undone – Australia and China’s fractured ties. This one looks really good.

On Friday I’ll probably watch the Dialogue between Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Coroneos.

Further Ahead

[Photo: The view towards Balmain East from Bangaroo Reserve, Sydney, photographed on 13 September 2020.]