The 9pm Fake Furry Dollop of Content Moderation with evelyn douek

The remarkable evelyn douek on the correct side of the wooden barrier. (Photo: Harvard Law School)

In the first special guest episode of The 9pm Edict autumn series we’re joined by evelyn douek, lecturer on law and a doctoral candidate at the Harvard Law School, and co-host of the Lawfare podcast Arbiters of Truth.

We talk about all manner of things connected with the online information ecosystem, including the lack of transparency at the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the war in Ukraine, Russian trolls, furries, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, some Australian politics, unicorns, and how everything is a content moderation issue.

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Episode Links

  • evelyn douek is a lecturer on law and S.J.D. candidate at Harvard Law School, associate research scholar at the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center For Internet & Society and visiting fellow at the Yale Law School Information Society Project. She studies global regulation of online speech, private content moderation institutional design and comparative free speech law and theory.
  • Aussie struggling with °F & online speech stuff. SJD @Harvard_Law, Fellow @knightcolumbia, Words @lawfareblog, Affiliate @BKCHarvard.
  • Arbiters of Truth is a podcast on disinformation and misinformation. Each week, Evelyn Douek and Quinta Jurecic interview experts about the legal and policy aspects of the debates around political discourse, online speech and social media platforms playing out in the headlines. Alina Polyakova also provides the podcast with expertise on the foreign policy implications of these questions. You can find the show in the Lawfare podcast feed on Thursdays—and in its own separate podcast feed as well.
  • [1 March 2022] Ukraine is fighting for its future as the country is under siege by Russia. Moscow's top target is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has emerged as a global hero. From comedian to wartime leader, WION brings you Zelensky's journey.
  • The rules over what war content is permitted on Facebook and Instagram keep changing, causing internal confusion.
  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
  • At the dog park this morning, a woman picked up her dog’s poop, tied it, and handed it to her dog. Then THE DOG TOOK THE POOP BAG AND RAN UP THE HILL TO A TRASH CAN. The dog missed the can, so the woman called out “fix it” and THE DOG PICKED IT UP AND PUT IT IN THE CAN.
  • PhD historian (aviation, emotion, spectacle); books (Home Fires Burning (forthcoming), The Next War in the Air); bots (@TroveAirBot @TroveAirRaidBot). He/him.
  • Big, weird spaceships (mostly), generated by an AI (#LookingGlassAI) inspired by the scifi art of Elson, Foss, McKie, Roberts, et al. Owner: @Airminded.
  • Pays on party which supplies the Prime Minister following the next Federal election. Bets settled at time of swearing in. All bets carry over if the Gov General does not swear in a PM because supply cannot be guaranteed.

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