The 9pm Kenya with a K and an AI with UNSW Scientia Professor Toby Walsh

UNSW Scientia Professor Toby Walsh in an AI-generated image using the prompt: A slightly sinister-looking Professor Toby Walsh is sitting in a dark and threatening Edwardian science fiction setting, unware of the variety of threatening humanoid and octopus-like robots gathered close behind him (Original photo: UNSW, processing: Midjourney)

It’s all about artificial intelligence as the spring series continues with one of the leaders in the field, Scientia Professor Toby Walsh, chief scientist at the UNSW AI Institute.

We talk about the potential for AI to become an existential threat to humanity, where you would or wouldn’t want a human-shaped robot, whether AI constructs should be labelled as such, the ethics of feeding copies of books into large language models, creativity and copyright law, how to draw a platypus, and why you need a safe word to prove you’re really you.

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Toby Walsh was last on the podcast in September 2022 in The 9pm Killer Robot Restaurant Booking with UNSW Scientia Professor Toby Walsh.

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Before I list all of the other links, here are the two sets of AI-generated images I showed Toby Walsh. Click on them for the high-resolution versions.

This first set was generated by a simple prompt, “A platypus”. Clearly it is struggling.

This second set has the more elaborate prompt: “A platypus sitting on a secluded river bank near Sydney”.

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