Bingo Card 2024: Which of these things will happen?

On New Year’s Eve Snarky Platypus and I created this bingo card for 2024 listing 25 distinctly possible things. And we list another 25 possibilities that didn’t make the cut.

These are our first 25 possibilities, arranged randomly. There is no free square in the middle of this one. And yeah it’s presented as a generic table rather than as a picture of a bingo card. You’ll cope.

Indonesia imposes tough visa restrictions on AustraliansAtlantic Conveyor ocean current collapsesThe Spirit of Wayne Goss inspires ALP victory in QueenslandUK election produces hung parliamentAustralia wins Eurovision
Nirvana releases new music with an AI Kurt CobainVladimir Putin assassinatedThe Veronicas score a Top 10 singleX / Twitter bought by Tencent / BytedanceFlashdance sequel announced
Commonwealth Games abandonedCongestion charge introduced in an Australian cityNZ parliamentary coalition collapsesAustralian high-speed train announced#ALPSpill
Discovery of life on EnceladusABC and SBS mergeRupert Murdoch marries and/or diesRihanna releases a new album#LibSpill
Melbourne airport railway construction startsAnother Pacific Island nation signs a migration agreement with AustraliaApple buys DisneyHungary leaves the EUNeighbours is renewed for a second season

We brainstormed 50 possibilities and used a Process to choose those favourites. These are the rejects. And I decided to use Becca Levi’s suggestion for a certainty as a free square.

Norfolk Island secedes from AustraliaSpice Girls reunion tour (again)Major media outlet fooled by obvious AI fakeryChinese electric vehicle becomes top seller in AustraliaGina Reinhart reconciles with her children
Richard Kingsmill moves to Smooth FMTeal MP corruption scandalThailand parliament collapses leading to a fresh general electionHIV cure becomes mainstreamOfficial Olivia Newton John biopic announced
Dolphins attack, like orcasUkraine and Russia sign peace dealFREE SQUARE:
Elon Musk embarrasses himself publicly
Non-white James Bond announcedAustralia gets Top 5 in Paris Olympics medal tally
Peter Dutton sex scandalAustralia joins Asian GamesPRC naval base confirmed for Solomon IslandsHey Hey It’s Saturday reboot announcedThird Australian supermarket player reaches 25% market share
Singapore Airlines buys Virgin AustraliaMental illness caused by stomach microbesMassive new rare earth deposit discovered in AustraliaUS and China warships exchange live fireBetelgeuse goes supernova

[Photo: Background image by Rudonni via Pixabay. Foreground bingo card originally by Milton Bradley Company, photo by Abby Hendrickson under under a CC-BY 2.0 Generic license. Digital composition by Stilgherrian.]