Digital developments from Canberra 67

There’s always something big in the final days before Christmas, and this year it’s a discussion paper about Home Affairs’ powers over critical infrastructure. The ATO has a new website, more on the news bargaining code, and myGov will get some fixes but not all.

Here’s what I’ve noticed since the previous edition on 15 December.

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything, or if there’s any specific items you’d like me to follow.

There’s a chance the government might bring out some trash this evening in the hope it’ll be lost in the Christmas silly season. If that happens I’ll add something here on Saturday.

Parliament is currently on summer break and is due to return on Tuesday 6 February 2024. This will the last of these posts for 2023. It will return on Friday 12 February 2024 — unless something dramatic happens — in a slightly different format and also available via email.

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[Photo: Australia’s home affairs minister Clare O’Neil.]