Fiction is not reality

“Heath Ledger is notable for being two things at the moment. They are: 1. Not gay. 2. Dead,” notes Eric TF Bat. “This hasn’t stopped our good friends at the Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ announcing plans to picket his memorial because he played a gay cowboy in some movie a while back.” Eric’s rant says what needs to be said.

One Reply to “Fiction is not reality”

  1. I’m glad someone was articulate enough to rant… I was left spluttering with disbelief and rage when I read about it. Un-bee-lee-vable.

    (Yes, yes, I know I jumped on the HL joke bandwagon. ‘It’s the duality of man. The Jungian thing, Sir.’ )

    Then I realised this is the same rabble that picket the funerals of American soldiers. Not on any anti-war or party political grounds; they view wartime casualties as (you guessed it) ‘God’s punishment for homosexuality’.

    Happily, they’ve had multi-million dollar damages awarded against them for disrupting a Marine’s funeral (they’re after a mistrial).

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