Odd obituary for Heath Ledger

Who’d have thought? An obituary for Heath Ledger in Middle English! Well, for a character he played. Doffing the hat to Quatrefoil, who writes, “Whoever writes this blog is frequently side-splittingly funny, but he or she can write (and knows their Middle English passing well). I am filled with wonder and envy.”

4 Replies to “Odd obituary for Heath Ledger”

  1. ah; that now makes sense!

    being an anti-movie-phile is hard work, but someone has to.

    I don’t think i have ever seen any of the late Mr Ledger’s work. Unless it was many years ago when I did watch commercial television.

    However, now that I am about to purchase some spectacles, that may well change.

    I digress..

    The first 3 times I tried to read this, I think that my lips were moving, but once I “blunked” it read quite naturally.

    Unfortunately, I “blunked” again, and it is again looking like umm, well, Muddle Inglush.

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