International Fake British Accent Day

Today, 7 May, is International Fake British Accent Day. Apparently. Should I slag it the way I slagged International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Or should I slip into a well-oiled Received Pronunciation, old chap?

Mind you, my birthday on Friday is tagged as “International Be Sexually Inappropriate With Your Friends Day”. Apparently. Should I…? Oh, never mind.

8 Replies to “International Fake British Accent Day”

  1. The sexual inappropriateness would probably be enhanced by the fake British accent.

  2. Forget RP: start talking like a hard-boiled Brit TV detective, like John Thaw in The Sweeney or Philip Glenister in Life On Mars. Honest, guv.

    Or you could just ignore the whole thing, which is my preferred option…

  3. i personally like talk like a pirate day — but do remember your gripe re FB posts and the like.

    Some tie-up with the pastafarians haven’t they? (and surprised that the Mozilla dictionary doesn’t have pastafarian in it, however it doesn’t have small “m” mozilla in it either, sheesh… but I digress)

    as for inappropriate with your friends day – well isn’t “appropriateness in the eyes of the beholder”?

    hmmm — maybe u should have a weekly poll for what is the best “apparently” day to unilaterally declare.

    Paint fumes in office starting to get to me, so should leave it at that me thinks…

  4. more to the point, how did u find that post — u’r not going a bit hebo on us are you? (being polite here…)

  5. I have a bad habit of slipping into a dodgy faux British accent after a couple of drinks now. Just getting warmed up for the eventual move I suppose…

  6. “International Be Sexually Inappropriate With Your Friends Day”.

    Why does this need a special day? Happens an awful lot with me.

    *surreptuously buttons up shirt*

  7. OK, now I know what really interests my readers… being sexually inappropriate. Figures, really.

    @bernard: I was told about the post via Twitter.

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