Introducing: Nosefrida

Photo Thanks to BoingBoing I can tell you about the Nosefrida… “A suction straw for clearing snot out of your kids’ nostrils. Put the rubber hose up your kid’s nose, then suck on the other end (keep track of which end you use for what). A filter stops the gunk and germs from ending up in your mouth.”

Of course the really, really evil part of me wants to start a competition…

How else could the Nosefrida be used in your life? Or someone else’s life, for that matter.

Please post your suggestions in the comments, and at the end of May I’ll give some sort of lame prize to whomever I judge the winner.

2 Replies to “Introducing: Nosefrida”

  1. that would be soooo useful with snotty breatfeeding babies… try sucking whlst holding your nose shut…

    not a cometition entry;-)

  2. @quadrapop: So let’s all visualise that… One hand holds the baby, mouth to breast. The other hand reaches for the Nosefrida and… how does it work from there?

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