Leaked “friendly fire” video

In 2003, British solider Lance-Corporal Matty Hull was killed in Iraq and a colleague injured when an American A-10 aircraft opened fire on his vehicle. The cockpit video from the A-10 was leaked, and the transcript has been published.

I watched the video.

I cried.

2 Replies to “Leaked “friendly fire” video”

  1. Sorry, mate. AFAIK, I’m the only ex-air force type who comments @ this blog, but I’m not gonna give you a dry-as explanation of how ‘fratricide’ can occur. I just can’t bring myself to. Sorry.

    My thoughts are with Matt Hull’s family, but also with the real people attached to those callsigns who have to live with it.

    And please don’t get me started on why they’d be sleeping easier if it were Iraqis they’d killed. I ain’t figured that out for myself yet. Sorry.

  2. Richard, there’s no need for an explanation. At least not for me. I believe the correct acronym is SNAFU. Mistakes _do_ happen. It’s just a goddam shame when mistakes lead to the “wrong” people dying.

    The military psychology of “us” and “them” has fascinated me from my teens. The trick seems to be about making sure you don’t see “the bad guys” as human. I guess it’s easier when they’re just a marker on a screen.

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