Oh noes, thoze fickle “Gen Y” ppl…

…were right about job-hopping. In the big chair:

Major companies no longer value long service by their workers… The poll of 32 national and international firms found that when defining a high-performing worker, 69 per cent rated “length of service” as least important or not even applicable…

“If you turn the clock back 10 or 15 years, length of service would have been seen as a significant attribute of high performance,” Mr Tipper [Jeremy Tipper, business development director of recruitment firm Alexander Mann Solutions] told AAP on Tuesday.

“The reason for that is they had a great deal of knowledge… about the organisation and a good understanding of what’s happening in the marketplace.

“Today, because information is so much more freely available because of technology, that ‘information is power’ probably doesn’t exist to the same extent.”

Mr Tipper said the new breed of workers was less “risk averse” — they were more prepared to change jobs and they were more aware of the value and portability of their skills.

Hat-tip to the Snarky Platypus. He even wrote the headline. He also has his own blog, but is too goddam lazy to post there. We must convince him to fix this.