Town Hall Hotel Furry Alert!

Photograph of young man with long grey fake-fur tailLook, I know it was Halloween yesterday, but it’s no excuse.

The Snarky Platypus and I were intending to enjoy a quiet drink at one of our local hostelries when we were confronted with the sight of a young man sporting a long — nay, very long — fake fur tail. In public.

In daylight!

This, Young Man, is the Town Hall Hotel! A reputable establishment. We do not need your bizarre sexual proclivities to be displayed so prominently. We do not need your bizarre sexual proclivities to be displayed at all.

Look, I’m pretty broad-minded, and generally I’m OK if you stay within the order Mammalia. But fake fur? Really?

Just where do you draw the line?

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    1. Ahh…
      People that resort to online blogging to share their opinions (in witch they feel perfectly safe in doing. And they, of course, should be)~
      Well, let me shed some illumination on this subject if I may; one of my best friends wears a raccoon tail around just for fun, some times even at work. For her it isn’t a “bizarre sexual proclivity.” In fact, she feels no sexual influence of this once so ever, she merely does it just for fun but she also adorns her happy little tail because she feels like simply doing so.
      I myself love to study the fascinating subjects of ancient cultures, religious and mythologies involving the connections of animal and human interspiritual representation. The vast knowledge gained from such studies is paramount in understanding the structures and stability of the most ancient civilisations that born and began us all. My speciality is Ancient Deities and Spiritual Guardian Anthology.
      I understand that this (like most other online blogging) is a release of one’s own opinions, debates, and of course the simple blurting of plain and inconsiderate half thought out assumptions based on little to no knowledge of what such bloggers are blatantly apposing, nor would they really care to know anything at all about such things, but perhaps it would be better to understand more before you make these assumptions, or just leave them alone all entirely and talk about something you might have a vague understanding of.
      One question in leaving here my own opinion of the matter; did you boldly approach this man and ask him about the tail, or did you sit there as one quietly skulking while shaking your head in your opposition, fingers fidgeting impatiently in high anticipation to safely and comfortably blog about it later?

      1. @Do we know us? Oh for fuck’s sake grow up! I mean really, who the hell are you to come wandering into a discussion from three years ago, ignore the comments policy that requires a real email address, deliver a patronising little lecture about “online blogging” (is there any other kind, you moron?), and ham-fistedly repeat that tedious trope about blogging being the coward’s way of dealing with an issue?

        The level of hypocrisy involved in doing this without leaving your name and a valid email address is astounding. What a filthy fucking piece of low-life you are.

        You seem to have missed the entire point of the post, which is that it’s satire — even though this is made clear in the comments! With all of your high-and-mighty posturing about “Ancient Deities and Spiritual Guardian Anthology” you seem to have overlooked the existence of throw-away jokes at the pub. Twat.

        1. If it is innocent pub-play like you say, then perhaps you shouldn’t suggest “sexual proclivities” on this man’s behalf and just have fun with the simple fact that he’s wearing the tail, that to some would suggest an attack on the man’s morality as it would with any man.
          My identity isn’t really the issue here, this man being suggested to wearing a tail as being a “bizarre sexual proclivities” is the issue at hand. It is unjust to do so without his presence to defend such a thing.
          Pub-joking or not, it is at this man’s expense so does it make it right?

          1. Perhaps still I may have been too harsh with my statements as well, in witch I extend my apologies to you, I did after think of an less attackish way to express my thoughts on the matter

          2. @Do we know us? Thank you. Yes, when your opening gambit is to wade in with insults, especially when they’re delivered in a patronising and self-righteous tone, and especially when you haven’t had the courtesy to introduce yourself — well, as far as I’m concerned you’ve declared game on.

            There’s actually a rather delicious irony in your accusations of ignorance. I presume it was your own ignorance (in the neutral sense) of the cultural elements at play in this scenario that meant you didn’t spot what’s immediately obvious to any local. Or, for that matter, anyone more broadly familiar with my less-serious work. Namely that this brief blog post is an exercise in hyperbole.

            But that’s already been explained in previous comments. It’s all quite amusing.

            That said, I don’t take kindly to people coming onto my patch to lecture me about what I do and don’t understand when they clearly haven’t done their own homework. “But perhaps it would be better to understand more before you make these assumptions, or just leave them alone all entirely and talk about something you might have a vague understanding of,” as someone said recently, ungrammatically.

            So why were you even here? It’s just a local joke from more than three years ago.

    1. Random searching out of boredom really, but yes I did not read enough to understand the whole (my folly)
      You lead a surprisingly educated argument and I will say with all sincerity that I’ve been well put in my place. I can respect your defence.
      My name is Joe, and again my apologies

  1. @Bob Bain: Animal Liberation types are always up in arms. They’re such a humourless bunch. Now, surely real fur would offer a more… shall we say, primal experience?

  2. Speaking of animal liberation I tried (mentioned in your speech at Byteside) but there’s nothing to subsribe to other than links to various forms of sex. There are pointers to goats and I located places in Sydney where it’s possible to purchase goats and goat meat and indeed to donate a goat at $75 per goat to the poor and needy in downtrodden countries. I possibly tweeted about it.

    Indeed I did !

  3. @Bob Bain: Hmmm… was a hypothetical example, I didn’t actually know if the site existed, I just made it up. But it’s inevitable that it exists, I suppose…

  4. Hey! Guess what, you just got unlucky. I’m a furry, so I hope your prepared for this comment.
    Number one, not all furries have a sexual fetish involving animals. Some of us just like to express are interest the same as people like to get tattoos. Its just a visual representation of there interests. Number two, you really have no idea what you talking about. Number three, does that kid seriously look like he has a sexual interest in animals. That is probably the most innocent looking teen i’ve ever seen. Number four, i think that most of the people on the planet would rather talk to him then listen to your conceded, arrogant, and straight up rude way of speaking. And by the way I wear a tail.

  5. @kitthewolffox: No, it’s fine. I’m quite prepared for your comment. I see this kind of drive-by idiocy every day, particularly on my pieces for ABC’s The Drum. So I can skip over your obvious inability to use apostrophes, or tell the difference between “there” and “their”, or between “conceded” and “conceited”, for that matter. That’s just everyday ignorance.

    Your standout piece of stupidity is that you’ve completely missed the fucking point.

    The post is a mock attack on Furries. Written in a pretentious archaic style (“hostelries”? “proclivities?”) leading to the final outrage, that it’s not even real fur.

    There’s a further clue in the reference to Newtown’s Town Hall Hotel as “reputable”. It’s a dive. But you couldn’t have known that — you’re in Canada, right? But if you were a local, you’d know that Newtown is one of the most culturally-varied localities on the planet, and one of the most tolerant, so any outrage over some childish dress-ups is even more out of place.

    “Does that kid seriously look like he has a sexual interest in animals?” you ask. I don’t know. It’s a motion-blurred cameraphone image and his face isn’t even pointing towards the lens. Can you tell whether someone is aroused by animals just by looking at a blurry photo of the back of their head?

    “That is probably the most innocent looking teen I’ve ever seen,” you assert. Really? What are the tell-tale signs? The scale of measurement? Or did you, as I suspect , just make shit up?

    And if you thought the original post was rude, you really out to get out more. Enjoy wearing your tail. Most of the people on the planet would think the better of you for it. Or not.

    1. Ok. Number one I will start by apologizing. Clearly, my inability to pick up on your meaning is my bad. I’m serious about that, I’m not the greatest at picking up on the subtleties. “We do not need your bizarre sexual proclivities to be displayed at all.” That just kind of offended me as I wear a tail, and I have no such proclivity. The reason that I said that he looks like the most innocent teen I have ever seen is because, look at how he is dressed. He doesn’t dress like a stereotypical teenager. He actually dresses like a normal human being. To me he seem like a very respectable young man. Also, obviously the tail is going to be fake fur. No furry that I know would ever wear REAL fur. Why would someone who loves animals, wear the skin of a slaughtered animal.

      1. What I’m really curious about is how you actually came across this blog post. Was it from a google search of ‘furry sex’ or something like that?

  6. I’m just curious why you go from this to thinking about “sexual proclivities” so easily. Almost everything in life could spur thoughts of sex (say, your grandparents going to a nice dinner together), but why would you go there? Why make some puritanical leap and start thinking about sex acts?

    1. When ever I see anyone, doing anything I instantly make it sexual in my head. Like thinking about you typing out that comment……..

    1. Go on – Google it. You know you want to. At work. With safe search switched off. While some ultra thin skinned HR busybody is looking over your shoulder.

      (What could _possibly_ go wrong?)

  7. For those who stumble across this article and doesn’t understand what furry fandom is really all about, i suggest watching this video first before making prejudices. It shows clearly why people have bad image of furries in the first place.

  8. @meedio: For those who stumble across this article and doesn’t understand what grammar or satire is really about, I suggest watching this video first before making propagandas. It shows clearly why people have a bad image of critical thinking in the first place.

    1. Your puerility makes my laugh. And you “critical” thinking encourages people to make negative/false images of furries.

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