We have the used knickers!

Despite having written a lengthy serious essay today, I know that regular readers will be thrilled to hear that both pairs of used knickers are now in my possession!

Photograph of both pairs of used underwear

If you’ve only just joined us, I wondered aloud why we’re afraid of wearing someone else’s underwear. And the conversation has continued as a pair of used knickers made its way down the laneway and into a corner.

Well, I have the abandoned women’s knickers, and Quatrefoil has sent me the freshly-washed men’s underpants which she found in her possession. I guess I’ll have to figure out which to wear first now, eh?

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  1. Rhys’s avatar

    Success! Cracking photo indeed, like some kind of low-brow catalogue.

    I hope proper hygiene practices were enforced.

  2. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    @Rhys: Hey now there’s a thought for a great photographic project… leave it with me.

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