Used knickers, revisited

Photograph of purple knickers after more time in the weather

Due to popular demand, here’s a new photo of the abandoned women’s knickers I wrote about last week.

As you can see, they’ve been swept to the side of the laneway by passing traffic and, perhaps, the wind. And they’ve started to intermingle with dried leaves and other detritus.

I took the photo this afternoon. I’ve declined Cassie ST’s suggestion that I wear them on my head.

9 Replies to “Used knickers, revisited”

  1. 🙁 disappointed ….

    Looks like the Ozone hole is taking it’s toll. Hmmmm, irradiated AND fresh air cleaned. OK, so how ’bout over your pants, in classic superhero pose?

    ( I am SuperStil)


    Dang, there’s a thunderstorm brewing, more rain …. oh well, maybe the rest of the road will be washed away this time ….

  2. @CassieST: While the knickers are fading, they look more faded in this photo than they really are thanks to the different lighting — much brighter, clearer sunlight in the second photo.

    I’m still not sure about photographing myself with the knickers though…

  3. how about just holding them? pinched precariously between thumb and finger on an outstretched arm, surely that would be a great greeting card or some kind of signage

  4. BTW, cleaning up on the weekend I found a pair of male undies left in my dryer by a friend about 4 years ago (so I know they’re clean) – so, should I send them to you? Are you willing to live up to your principles?

  5. @Quatrefoil: You know, people keep thinking that just because I enjoy the intellectual stimulation of arguing a certain viewpoint that I actually hold that viewpoint myself…

    However in this case, yes, I’m perfectly willing to stand up for my beliefs. I will gladly wear the second-hand underwear — postal address on most pages of this website. I’ll try to think of some way to prove that I’m wearing said underwear without having to provide one of those all-too-embarrassing photographs.

  6. You’re on — expect them forthwith. (Actually, I am quite happy to have found a home for a perfectly usable pair of undies.)

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