52A Hutt Street has its own website!

I think the real estate industry is eating itself. A house I used to live in in Adelaide has its own website!

[Update 7 August 2009: Alas, the website has now disappeared. What a shame.]

5 Replies to “52A Hutt Street has its own website!”

  1. @Tom W: Ah and such excellent music! 😉 Now why would I be buying you a home again…?

    @Bernard: Actually it looked pretty much the same, with the bluestone wall etc. Well, externally, anyway. The “designer interior” hadn’t been done. Except…

    @Nick Hodge: Funny you should mention that. What the advertising fails to mention is that before we lived there, 52A Hutt Street was a brothel. We had the occasional male visitor, a few beers down, visiting late at night and being somewhat confused when “the ladies” didn’t answer the door. “Oh, sorry mate…”

  2. And, if I’d read the website properly — as opposed to gloating over such wond’rous items as “linen” — I’d have seen that 52A Hutt Street is actually rented out as short-term serviced accommodation. Perhaps I should stay there when next in Adelaide!

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