Heath Ledger spikes my website, Day 5

Traffic Graph for 2008-01-28 showing traffic continuing to decline

Traffic related to The Heath Ledger Experiment continues to decline across the long weekend, the exact opposite of my admittedly ill-informed speculation. From a peak of 1,970 unique human visitors daily, it’s dropped to 1,227.

However that’s still well above the typical figure of around 500 unique humans daily which prevailed before this Experiment and The Madness of Corey Worthington Delaney.

Searches for Ledger-related terms now dominate the search-generated traffic to the website. Here’s the current Top 10 search terms which brought visitors here.

search phrase views % of searches
heath ledger jokes 2286 30.8%
corey delaney 544 7.3%
heath ledger dead jokes 335 4.5%
heath ledger joke 219 2.9%
heath ledger 175 2.3%
heath ledger death jokes 142 1.9%
jokes about heath ledger 140 1.8%
steve irwin jokes 98 1.3%
stilgherrian 98 1.3%
corey worthington delaney 94 1.2%
other phrases 3289 44.3%

Bear in mind, this is a report for the entire calendar month, and we only started this experiment on 23 January. If we’re looking at current traffic, Heath Ledger is clearly what people are looking for.

I’ll continue poking at the numbers… more soon!

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