Patch Monday: Is cloud right for your business?

[Oops. Not only was the Patch Monday podcast filed late, so it kinda became Patch Tuesday, I forgot to post it here. Well, that’s fixed now.]

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The key IT buzzwords for 2010 seem to be “cloud computing” and “virtualisation”, but is cloud really right for your business?

Will it provide a cheaper, more flexible option? Or can companies not afford to store data and run applications outside their business?

In a program recorded at the annual Kickstart Forum on IT trends, I spoke with Rosemary Stark, Microsoft Australia product manager for Windows Server and infrastructure solutions and Craig Deveson, CEO of Devnet, one of Google’s enterprise and web development partners.

Meanwhile, Michael Rich, managing director of Attaché Software, explains why he thinks IT vendors have got it wrong by attempting to sell products instead of providing business value.

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One Reply to “Patch Monday: Is cloud right for your business?”

  1. All technology is technology in search of a market, and it is never the other way around.

    I think cloud computing is a silly idea for business in the same way as central servers running word processors are. It is a good solution, but it is not a good solution for this problem.

    There is also an environmental impact. Those computers now go to sleep when they are not in use, even at the CPU level to save power. But if someone is using them for cloud computing they will need to stay awake and hence consume much more power. For that reason alone I do not run things like the protein folding software on my computer any more. SETI is another example of this.

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