Patch Monday: Online industrial espionage

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Following the allegedly-Chinese attacks on Google (and 33 other corporations), and following Hillary Clinton’s assertive speech on Internet Freedom, online espionage is in the news — and it’s my topic on the Patch Monday podcast this week.

My guests are Mark Goudie, who heads the forensics practice at Verizon Business in Melbourne; and Ajoy Ghosh, security executive with Logica in Sydney.

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4 Replies to “Patch Monday: Online industrial espionage”

  1. Stilgherrian, every time I listen to you talk, or read your words, I honestly always feel like a complete and total moron. Maybe it’s got to do with my age (being only 25) or maybe it’s got to do with having my head in the sand when it comes to what goes on around me. Believe me Stilgherrian, this is not a criticism, you are one of very few people I will never delete from my following list in Twitter.

    So I have to thank you, for educating me. I have to thank Mark Pesce for inspiring me, Snarky Platypus for humoring me, and trib for…well…being trib.

    You are all my silent support network, and whilst that might seem strange to most people, it’s worked well for me thus far. Keep doing what you are doing Stilgherrian, there are a lot of people out there that need to hear it.

    Maybe I need to stop being an impressionable sheep, but that’s a debate for another time eh? I need more scotch.

  2. @Bane Williams: Thanks very much, Bane. That’s a rather solid compliment there! I’m in the very lucky situation of being able to write and talk about things that interest me and get paid for it — although of course freelance writing these days doesn’t generate a prince’s fortune by any means.

    If there’s ever anything you’d be interested in me exploring, either here or on Patch Monday or at any of the other places I write, do let me know.

  3. Hey, it’s very much the truth Stilgherrian. Through some stroke of luck, timing, or if I have it my way, my general tenacity – I have recently landed a freelance writing position talking about what I love. Unfortunately, at this early stage, I still have difficulty just saying what I want to say, instead of what my Editors want to hear, but perhaps that will change with time.

    I’m in Sydney in June, and would love to catch up for some drinks and a chat. Let me know if you’re free.

  4. @Bane Williams: June? June? I barely know what I’m doing tomorrow, and have little idea of next week’s agenda, let along months into the future!

    Also, stuff what your editors want you to say. Consider what the audience wants you to talk to them about.

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