Spamming Google Maps — or not?

On Australia Day, Google Maps did a flyover of Sydney to take low-level photos. A small ISP decided to create an advertisement in the photos. So is that spam? Or as one commenter pointed out, were they just acting on Google’s invitation to “get involved”?

Personally, I don’t think it’s spam. They haven’t directly messaged anyone who didn’t ask to be messaged, and Google did explicitly ask people to make signs.

But I do think it’s tacky. Just like skywriting, it’s splattering your commercial message across the landscape in an uncontrolled, tasteless way.

It tells me this business has so little respect for other people’s fun (well, Google’s marketing event) that the first thing they think of is plugging their own stuff. How cheap.

One Reply to “Spamming Google Maps — or not?”

  1. ‘Spam’ isn’t the real topic behind this. You seem to point out the real topic “this business has so little respect for other people’s fun”

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